Digital and Social Media Apprentice -Connecting The Digital Generation to Business as discussed in Penny’s White Paper

For the last 14 years I have been passionate about the way that small businesses can leverage the Internet to connect.


Driven by the ‘social’ goals of knowledge sharing and ethical trading through reputation management and ‘friendship’, I have built Ecademy, authored a book, built a school for creating digital aware business coaches, launched a Manifesto for Business Change and spoken at over 70 conferences in 2010 alone.


I am now launching a new business to support Youths called the ‘Digital Youth Academy’.


I share all the above purely to indicate the level of engagement I have had with SMEs on this subject and the passion I have for digital and social tools and how they make a difference to business owners, leaders, youths and society.


In March 2011 I launched my Manifesto for Digital Business Britain and set out to gain a solution to the need for greater exploitation of the Digital World by small businesses.


Since March 2011 I have researched through extensive meetings with Born Digital Youths, mature business owners, Government and Industry plus I executed a Study of Small Businesses, all this to find a sustainable, long term solution that can be applied now.


I am now presenting my White Paper on my research, working with Fast Future Research. In this paper I present a powerful solution, solving not only the issue of Small Business Growth through Social Media implementation, taking them Global and ‘social’, but also harnesses the power of our Born Digital Youths solving part of the unemployment issue within Youths that is spreading through the world. I believe small businesses can do their part in this growing problem and also gain through business growth and innovation by doing so.