Victoria's Promise

I come from a very close family. I am the youngest of 4 children, we all love near one another and our children, my brother Alasdair has 5 children and 2 step children, my sister Fiona has 2, my sister Dee has 4 and I have 3. We meet regularly and share all our joys and challenges closely. Our parents are still with us and also live in Farnham. We have been very blessed.


ON the 13th November 2012, my sister Fiona's daughter, Vicki was diagnosed with cancer. Married to CJ, 11 months previously and with a brother that she adored, Alex. Sadly her father had died the previous year one moth after she got married due to Brain Cancer.


The experience of her illness was the saddest of my life, the fight, the fear, the hope and ultimately the loss. Vicki died in my sister's arms on 13th January. I will never forget that phone call when I was alone and totally unexpected it. She had a sudden heart attack.


We have entered a painful club, the club of losing someone you love enormously and so young. With her life in front of her. I can never fully understand the pain my sister is in as a mother, I can only begin to empathise with the loss. I miss Vicki, we all miss Vicki. She was a huge light in our family, a cousin, a niece, a grand-daughter a brother, a wife and a daughter. She gave each of us so much love and joy. She made us all feel special, unique and amazing.


So now the light from this darkness... My sister, my nephew and her husband have created Victoria's Promise. A Charity to remember Vicki. I have no idea yet what this charity can achieve, it is too early and too raw. However, I know the hearts and minds within my family and all those that knew and loved Vicki and I know this Charity will spread love, joy, support and hope. It might also support those who join this painful club.


I have been stunned by the love and support our whole family have received through our vast and diverse networks on FaceBook. To those that have written to me, I want to thank you, as your kindness has given me the strength and inspiration to support my sister, hr son and my nephew-in-law. I have heard from many of you about your own pain and your own losses. I wrote a post saying I wish we actually could know the pain people are in, the hidden pains; so each of us could be better people in this world. We all rush, strive, and make assumptions on why people are who they are, none of us really know the depth of pain people might be in on a day to day basis. I have learned so much through sharing and through listening, thank you Vicki for this awakening.


I am keeping this link on my site to ensure I can promote the amazing things happening, the Victoria Promise site will be kept upto date with events, news and ideas.


This is my tribute I guess to a very wonderful girl, my niece Victoria van der Weshuizen.