When I Discovered Social Networking


What led you to write this poem?


I spend 100% of my working life advocating, teaching and sharing how Ecademy and social networking can make a difference to people’s lives. I believe it is as much about personal development as it is about business development.


This poem came to me when I was on a train journey; I wanted to write down, just for myself at first, the impact that this world has had on me as a person. It flowed out of me with all the feeling I have accumulated through my own journey. It captures everything that Ecademy is, and what it continues to strives to be for anyone that joins the Ecademy family.


I hope that people read and re-read the words and allow it to become a guide to their thoughts when online. I am very grateful to our Ten BlackStar friends that also believed in this and sponsored the book as a gift to others.


Choose from three ways of viewing my poem. Download a PDF, as an interactive book o my site, or hear me read it to you...