How to Successfully Market a Home Business

I have been a ‘home worker’ for ten years. At the top of the successes was the fact that I have been able to have the most amazing relationship with our 3 children who are now 16, 14 and 11. We enjoy one another’s company and our children understand a great deal about how money is made, the risks and the tough times and they value what money is and how hard it can be to make it. Writing an article for this excellent newsletter is a joy and I hope I can inspire some people to start-up, to endure the tough times and to grow their income whilst saving on costs of offices and HR.


The greatest lesson I have learnt when marketing our business is the power of creating a personal brand as well as a company brand. The ability to do this now is endless through using Online Social networks such as LinkedIn, Ecademy and Xing.


In a highly competitive, massively over-stimulated world, people are becoming more interested in the person who is behind the business than the products or services that they deliver. Earning trust, building advocates who talk about your service and winning referral business will help any home business grow and will sustain them through the leaner times. A home business can now also be a global business, home does not mean local. The Internet can take you into a global economy for distribution, franchising and retail. The critical question is, “do you want your business to leverage from only you, or would you like it to expand beyond your own time and your own abilities?”.


My top tips top marketing your home business are:


1.   Understand the emotional contribution your business makes, how does it really help the consumer to feel better, improve their efficiency, improve their business, improve their lives? Find the reasons your product is irresistible.

2.   Communicate the emotional benefits not the features of your offering, be highly visible online as a person each day

3.   Use the Internet to leverage your brand – learn this subject fast, this is the most cost effective and the most successful way to grow

4.   Join Online Business Social Networks and build your personal and business profile

5.   Understand the power of being at the top of Google for search, understand how to achieve this through your profile on a Social Network, be careful of Search Engine Optimisation companies.

6.   Use the ‘keywords’ for being found on Google in the way that the buyer searches, not how you want to sell

7.   Network as much as you can online and offline. Create friendships around you on Social Networks that want you to be successful, that will advocate you and talk about you when they see someone with a need for what you sell

8.   Understand and market to your target audience and communicate specifically to the people that you know most benefit from what you sell.

9.   Do this offline if you are selling locally and online if you would like to expand.

10.  Join local networking groups such as BNI for local business, join Global Online Social Networks to keep learning about your marketplace and learn what your market want to buy




© Penny Power 2008