The Digital Youth Academy

"There are times in economic history when innovation and creativity combine to advance and progress society. We are now facing a period in history when two generations can meet and together create the most incredible shift in society and business."


— Penny Power —


Around us we hear two serious challenges facing us:


  • Challenges in the growth of the economy and earning of individuals and companies
  • A growing lack of jobs and opportunities for the most critical generation, our young people.


The Digital Youth Academy is bringing together two groups of people in an initiative which will combine skills to grow their futures.


The Digital Youth Academy introduces our exciting, innovative and engaging Born Digital Youths to our inspiring and hard working businesses to create a match of two generations that can fully utilise and grow together within the emerging digital and social world.


The Digital Youth Academy’s objective is to create a demand for young people that outstrips supply, so that young people can begin to feel useful and noted in their contribution to society and the economy.


Digital and Social Media are highly effective tools that have been proven to grow the customer base and the levels of innovation within small and large businesses across the globe.  However, businesses are finding it hard to find the skills and embed 'Going Social' into their strategy and culture.


The Digital Youth Academy brings to market a solution for this.  We are seeking employers, young people, training providers and colleges to work with us, and through us, to grow a better future for all.

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How do we provide the solution?

Bespoke digital and social media qualifications

 Provision of license agreements for Colleges and Training Providers to deliver the DYA across the UK (& internationally)

 Promote digital youth issues Internationally


Develop the first Digital and Social Media Apprenticeship Training Association


Provide a unique Community for young people to aspire and learn together, creating business friendships for their future

Offer an Alumni Community to ensure Continual Professional Development and friendship