International Speaker & Entrepreneur


Penny is a published author, one of the UK’s most inspirational female entrepreneurs and a highly engaging and sought after speaker.


Penny founded Ecademy, the UK’s first social network for business, in 1998 at the age of 33 with her husband Thomas Power. Since then, Penny has successfully grown Ecademy into the global operation it is today. The Ecademy community currently has over 600,000 members. Ecademy is present all over the world with UK, USA, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim playing a part in contributing to the tremendously diverse business conversations on Ecademy’s Blog page which was launched in 2002.


The journey has demonstrated Penny’s skill in balancing work life with home life, and as such Penny is an inspiration to mumpreneurs who face similar challenges.


Understanding the small business market has resulted in Penny being sought out to advise small business owners, and the Government on issues relating to the challenges that are critical to small business success.


Penny has been married since 1990 and has three children: Hannah born in 1992, Ross in 1994 and TJ in 1997.


Penny is no stranger to the media spotlight and regularly speaks at conferences and events and writes for press across the globe.


Recently Penny has been speaking and commentating on the changing face of society and the affect the Born Digital Generation should have on the business environment if they are given a chance to enter the commercial world and listened to by business leaders. Penny talks about the asset of Social Capital and how we must seek to grow this as well as our human and financial capital.


In her book, Penny shares her own experiences, beliefs and values. She focuses on the philosophical changes taking place because of the advances being made online and the opportunities these offer businesses to create their own powerful, individual brands.


Penny is a regular contributor to business magazines and the national press. Here’s a selection of her articles.


Penny Power said “I have chosen to be part of the growth in these organisations as I believe we all have the shared values, intention and desire to help people become successful entrepreneurs, by working with these great people and companies I hope to support their dreams in helping others achieve theirs”.

“Penny Power has walked the walk and is now talking the talk. Having built Ecademy from scratch to a global brand since 1998 she is not a commentator but a practitioner. The insights in her book are actually what she did, what worked and what failed.”


“Excellent, a true reflection of how the world of work is changing before our eyes. Penny Power provides practical real world step by step guide to enable you to successful adapt. Very, impressed.“


5 out of 5 stars – “A must have for anyone looking to be successful on the long term with social media”